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Language models can only write ransom notes

On large language models and the visibility of the cut

talks, poetry, AI, collage

Nothing survives transcription, nothing doesn’t survive transcription

In a sense, the very goal of making a transcription is to make an argument about what cannot be transcribed

talks, text, language, AI

When to hold ’em and when to fold ’em: Adding a hinge to a Game Boy that God never intended

The Game Boy Pocket SP

modding, pcomp, electronics, gameboys

Material paratexts

Keynote for ICCC 2022, in which I invent the word “cistextuality”

talks, AI, text, literary theory, paratexts

Solar powered dawn poems: progress report

My lab notes, plus thoughts on solar powered poetics

projects, permacomputing, poetics, AI

Creative writing with computers, noise and mulch

Pulling language apart, grinding it down, and making it unfamiliar

workshops, AI, text, poetics

Collaborative creative writing with computation

A hands-on introduction to creative writing with computational tools

workshops, AI, text, poetics

Desire (under)lines: Notes toward a queer phenomenology of spell check

Spell check is a “straightening device”

talks, spelling, AI, text, queer

Language models can only write poetry

But only a person can write a poem

talks, AI, text, language models, poetics, linguistics

Rewordable versus the alphabet fetish

Undoing Alfred Butts’ axiom

talks, text, game design


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